Mergers of Galaxies

Strange objects

  NGC 4038/4039, the Antennae Galaxies

  NGC_4038/39: VLT view of the center
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  The Mice

  The Mice: Full resolution (7.9 MB)
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  Tadpole galaxy

  Full resolution (9.5 MB)
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  A gallery of tadpole galaxies in the HUDF

  Tadpole gallery: full resolution (2 MB)
  Locate the Tadpole galaxies in the HUDF
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Galaxies clearly in interaction

 NGC 2207 and IC 2163

  NGC 2207 and IC 2163: Full resolution
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 Spiral merger and boxy galaxy

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  M51, Whirlpool galaxy

  M51: Full resolution
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  NGC 6872 and IC 4970

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 Interacting system NGC 6745

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 Stephans quintet (HST)

  Stephans quintet: Full resolution (ground-based)
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Stellar tidal streams as signs of galaxy cannibalism

  Halo of M63 (NGC 5055)

  Negative image overimposed
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  NGC 4651, the Umbrella galaxy

  Simulated path of progenitor satellite projected onto image
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  The Ghost of a Dwarf Galaxy in the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 5907

  N-body simulation
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Computer N-body Simulation of Galaxy Collision

  Early N-body simulation of the
  mice galaxies (A. Toomre 1972)

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  N-body simulation of the mice galaxies

  Movie caption (1:16)

  A model for "The mice", by J. Barnes

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  How to create galaxy "antennae"
  or filaments (A. Toomre 1972)

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  The Antennae Galaxies,
  NGC 4038/4039 (ground-based view)

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  Spiral Metamorphosis (J. Dubinski):
  Merger of our Galaxy with Andromeda

  Movie caption (6:24)

  Merger of our Galaxy with Andromeda:
  the view from our Sun

  Movie caption (6:43)

Galaxy interactions as seen in neutral Hydrogen (HI)

  M51: stellar light and gas density
  (Neutral Hydrogen)

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of interacting galaxies.

(Credit: John Hibbard, NRAO)

background photo: The Tadpole Galaxy UGC 10214
(Credit: NASA, H. Ford (JHU), G. Illingworth (UCSC/LO), M.Clampin (STScI), G. Hartig (STScI), the ACS Science Team, and ESA)