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Global Warming

Would'nt it be better if...?

Here is a collection of (angry) thoughts on our society...
  • Would'nt it be better if all public transportations were free? This would be a great way to encourage people to take them and reduce our CO2 emissions. After all, air pollution and global warming affect us all, so why not finance public transportations with public tax money?

    It seems that Geneva people do not share my views on this issue: in February 2008 they rejected (at almost 70%) a popular initiative for free public transportations (see here).

  • Would'nt it be better if the Formula 1 industry would start to do some intelligent and useful research, i.e., give up on fossil fuels and concentrate on Hydrogen cars? F1 has always been a leader in technological advances for cars; clearly the future is NOT with oil...

  • Would'nt it be better to put huge taxes on these stupid useless SUVs and redirect this money to promote zero-emissions projects (e.g., solar, geothermal, wind energy)? I have been told that in Turkey, if the car's engine is bigger than 1600 cm3, the car tax is 100% of the car price! Would'nt that be a serious incentive?

  • Would'nt it be better not to have people like G.W. Bush and D. Cheney in power? with the 500 billion (yes, 500 ⋅ 109) dollars of the Irak War (based mostly on the lie about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction) the global warming could have been entirely stopped, world hunger would be over and education could be finally deign of the human intelligence.

  • Would'nt it be better to separate and recycle trash, instead of (at best) burning it, or (at worst) throw them in nature or in the sea? These days (January 2008) we hear a lot about the disastrous situation in the south of Italy: trash is accumulating on the roads within the cities. But...looking closely at this trash, one notices that there are plenty of glass bottles, cardboard boxes, paper, etc... these should not in the trash in the first place! How about 1) educating people about differentiating and recycling trash, 2) providing the necessary containers for this and 3) recycling what can be recycled? Look at what Germans do!

    I know, I know, the truth is way worse! the mafia has been burying for years (illegaly and at a much lower cost) tons of toxic waste underground. As result, a higher rate of cancer and other deadly diseases, malformations in newborn babies, etc...