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How to debate?

Teaching students how to debate is a great project started in Germany in 2002. It was adapted for Switzerland in 2005 (at the beginning in the German speaking part) and recently, I participated in its diffusion in Ticino (early 2009).

This project helps and improves a lot of abilities, all of which are required by our school system and by our democracy.

Cognitive competences:

  • Understanding a question from various points of view.
  • Foreseeing the consequences.
  • Refering to a set of values.
  • Expressing oneself with full knowledge of the facts.
Personal competences:
  • Speaking with confidence.
  • Persuasion.
  • Training all aspects of communication.
Social competences:
  • Interaction with others, mutual exchanges.
  • Who wants to convince, must know how to listen and answer.
  • Respect of others.

Didactic material


On January 21, 2009, Natascha Nota (the swiss italian responsible of an organization called Infoclik.ch) and I organized a one day seminar, where we presented the project at the secondary school of Lodrino, as part of the continuing education for teachers.

You can see the presentation here ():

Pictures of the seminar

Nicolas and Natascha


Mariano and Melissa

Nicoletta and Chino

Mariano and Melissa

The debate

Debate final in Bern - 30.5.2009

On May 30, 2009, took place the national final of the debate, with students of all over Switzerland. Each region debatted in its own language. The students were further divided in two categories according to their age: secondary school and highschool.

For Ticino, the secondary school of Lodrino brought 6 students and the highschool of Lugano 1 brought 8. Ticino Winners for the secondary school are: Kevin Mainetti (jury price) and Olivia Ferrari (Public price). For highschool, the winner is Sabrina Chakori (jury price).

Leonardo, Tessa and Emmanuele

Tessa, Leonardo, Oscar, Matteo, Omar and Eleonora

Albert, Barbara, Tessa and Leonardo


Leonaro and Sabrina

Olivia and Marica

Sara and Jacques

Damiano and Adrien

Damiano, Adrien, Sara and Jacques

All winners