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The swiss prehistoric origins

From January until March 2009, I set up a poster exhibition in my school about the prehistoric swiss origins: How people were living in the last 25'000 years in the region of lake Léman and in the Alps.

It is based on the fantastic drawings of André Houot (Colors by Jocelyne Charrance). These drawings are published in the book "Des Alpes au Léman - Images de la préhistoire":

More info if you want to buy the book, click on the icon below:

© Musées cantonaux, Sion; Musée cantonal d'archéologie et d'histoire, Lausanne et Musée d'art et d'histoire, Genève. Texts assembled by Alain Gallay. Authors: J. Bullinger, P. Corboud, P. Crotti, P. Curdy, M. David-Elbiali, A. Gallay, G. Kaenel, C. Kramar, G. Pignat, A.-M. Rachoud-Schneider, J. Studer. Collaborators: A. Benkert, M. Guélat, F. Mariéthoz, P. Moinat, C. Epiney-Nicoud, L.-I. Stahl-Gretsch.

Unfortunately, I don't have the rights to publish these images on my webpage, but you can see them on the website of the Lausanne museum here. You can watch a video (in ) based on some of these drawings here. These drawings and texts were a great source of inspiration for the last chapter of my astrobiology class.