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My panorama pictures

I have created all these panoramas with the (great) software Panorama factory, by Smoky City Design, LLC. I combined pictures taken with two digital cameras, a Canon Powershot S200, 2.2 Megapixels for the older pics and a Canon Powershot SX100, 8.0 Megapixels for the most recent ones. Click on each icon to download the full resolution images.

Glacier Grey, Patagonia, Chile (2.2 MB)


Athens (1 MB)

Athens (1.2 MB)


Cintra (632 KB)

Lisbon old city (1.2 MB)

Valais, Switzerland

Swiss Alps, from the top of the Mt-Fort (5.5 MB)

Ski piste of the Mt-Fort 2 (600 KB)

La Chaux, Verbier (3.7 MB)

Rhone valley, from Montana (1 MB)

Rhone valley 2, from Montana (1 MB)

Towards the cabane Rambert, Ovronnaz, Saille (5.6 MB)

View from the cabane Rambert, Ovronnaz (5.5 MB)

View from the cabane Rambert 2, Ovronnaz (3.3 MB)

Plan Chanrion, Ovronnaz (3.1 MB)

Ticino, Switzerland

From the top of Monte Generoso (2.1 MB)

From the top of Monte Generoso (2 MB)

From the top of Monte Generoso (3.5 MB)

From the top of Monte Generoso (4 MB)

Lugano (1 MB)

Luganese, from Breganzona (1 MB)

Luganese, from Bigorio (970 KB)

Lugano and its lake (Lake Ceresio) (1 MB)

Monte Bre and Lugano (2.7 MB)

Monte Bre (from the other side) and Lugano (1 MB)

Lake Ceresio, looking towards Ponte Tresa and Agno (3.9 MB)


Solothurn (9.4 MB)

Arosa (5.2 MB)


Gorges d'Héric, Languedoc Roussillon (5.1 MB)


Montefollonico, Tuscany (1 MB)


Bavaria (4.3 MB)

Bavaria (2.5 MB)