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Global Warming

Posters Exhibition at Lilu2

At the end of 2007, I put up a small exhibition of posters in my school. The subject is the fight against global warming. The idea of doing this exhibition came when I saw Al Gore's movie with my classes: after the movie, some (rightly frightened) students asked me what can we do to avoid this "catastrophe annoncée". This exhibition is an attempt to answer their question.

I would like to thank the Melcher Media publishing house, Chappatte and Mix & Remix for letting me use their drawings and materials. Most of the material (text and pictures) of these posters has been taken from the book "The Live Earth, Global Warming Survival Handbook" (see the first poster) by David de Rothschild (published by Rodale) with illustrations by William van Roden.

10 steps
10 steps (2nd part)
At home
Eat your veggies
Green your cube
Global warming 1
Global warming 2
Global warming 3
Convince a skeptic 1
Convince a skeptic 2
Convince a skeptic 3
Convince a skeptic 4
Convince a skeptic 5
Use the right bag
Humour 1
Humour 2
Humour 3
Transports 1
Transports 2
Transports 3
Transports 4