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Astronomy at Lilu2

This website contains several astronomy resources related to lectures and conferences I give at my high school.
  • Second year: During the second year (scientific section), the entire physics class is dedicated to astronomy: story of astronomy, Newton's law of gravitation, circular motion, planet motion in the Solar System, Kepler's laws, waves, light, spectrum, etc

  • Third year: To third year students (non-scientific section), I teach a class of astrobiology containing a lot of astronomy.

  • Fourth year: To fourth year students (scientific option), a part of the physics class is dedicated to astronomy, in particular to the study of galaxies and cosmology.

  • Special week: For second and third year students, usually in March there is an entire week dedicated to a special theme, proposed by students and teachers. Students can choose amongst a wide variety of subjects, going from the Making of Chocolate, cross-country skiing to the creation of a comic book. In the past, I have been in charge of the Astronomy week (see Settimana approfondimento).

  • Maturity thesis: The high school maturity thesis (LAM) is another opportunity to study astronomy at Lilu2. See here all the astronomy maturity thesis that I have supervised.

  • Special science week: During the first week of school, together with Vito Antonelli and Francesco Fumagalli, we organized special lectures on astronomy and elementary particles for the fourth grade students of the scientific section. At night, students can observe stars, planets and galaxies at the Carona Observatory. The subject of the theoretical lectures included: Formation, live and death of stars, galaxies formation and structure, extrasolar planets, family of elementary particles, the standard model, neutrinos.

    My 2011 presentation slides can be downloaded here: in powerpoint (153 MB), in pdf (56 MB), and for Mac users in Keynotes (1.2 GB). Please note that the file was originally written in Keynotes, therefore only this version diplays correctly all the animations and transitions between images.

  • Optional class: Finally I give a weekly optional class in astronomy, open to all students, usually on tuesday at 17:00.