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Ban Plastic Bags

Latest News about Plastic Bags in Switzerland

  • 10.2.2009: "Migros Geneva gets rid of free plastic bags", see the article of Tribune de Genève and the article of Nouvelliste. Since 9.2.2009, the supermarket chain Migros in Geneva decided to get rid of free plastic bags at the cash registers and encourages its clients to use reusable bags.
    Instead, Migros Ticino defends the mono-use plastic bags: read here.

  • 29.1.2009: The canton Jura wishes to ban plastic bags, see the article in Le Temps.

  • 3.8.2008: "Plastic bags soon forbidden in Switzerland?", see the article of Nouvelliste from E. Reumann: A brave politician from Fribourg, Dominique de Buman, proposes a new law to prohibit plastic bags. See also here.

Latest News about Plastic Bags in the World

  • 16.5.2009: The Italian government decides to put off their move to ecologic shoppers (what a surprise!) but big shopping chains like Coop decided to bypass the problem and independently act: From May 29, the plastic bags will be forbidden in all 98 shops of Unicoop Florence. See the article of Repubblica.

  • 31.1.2008: By "bagging it", Ireland rids itself of a plastic nuisance.
  • 11.1.2008: Australia seeks ban on plastic bags: The Australian environment minister Peter Garrett, former leader of the rock band Midnight Oil, said that he hoped to ban all plastic shopping bags by the end of this year. Read the article here.

  • 9.1.2008: Cina decides to ban thin plastic bags. Chinese people use an estimated 3 billions plastic bags every day, which quickly become trash. Obviously, a huge environmental problem, but read here.

  • 13.11.2007: London is going to be plastic bag free. The responsible of 33 town-halls have decided to ban non biodegradable bags. See the article of the "Corriere della sera".

  • 26.6.2007: Italy will ban plastic bags from 2010, as you can read in this article published by Repubblica.

  • 28.3.2007: San Francisco is the first US city to ban plastic bags. Supermarkets and chain pharmacies will have to use recyclable or compostable sacks. Read the article here.